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Best digital and search engine marketing agency in US and India – BuzzMeter

BUZZMETER. Digital Engagineers is a true, next-generation digital marketing company possessing the know-how and unique creativity to visualize and launch campaigns that measurably exceed goals. Picture from a vast and diverse breadth of experience within digital media, BUZZMETER teams are masters across numerous forms of marketing communications - branding, social media, banner advertising, headliner generation, ransack engine optimization, website schema & development, app development, analytics and much more. Plus offices in Mumbai, India further Los Angeles, California, they have a global team that provides virtuoso Internet marketing and advertising services to help their clients achieve world-class results.
Having worked on numerous ad campaigns and hobnob initiatives, BuzzMeter has been able to reach massive audiences and worked on quantity credible projects. Most notably, BuzzMeter recently helped launch the digital assets for Angry Birds Trading Card Game with Parkson Games, which built over 20,000 fb likes in under 3 months.
Tara Macri, a soprano songwriter based in LA, began work with the BuzzMeter team in early 2012. Through PR efforts and digital services she's had 3 successful single releases, a song featured on The Bold and The Beautiful and is currently in talks for a major management deal.

"With a new unified approach we can offer our clients every tool we have at the same prominence service and price, efficiently doubling our impact." says Neli Kools, Director Buzzmeter. Digital Engagineers.
The online and digital space is anytime changing and it takes a detailed eye and focus on the forthcoming to keep up. BuzzMeter consuls business and individuals to think long term and endeavors to provide the tools that will empower their clients to succeed.

Our approach involves a mix of the most powerful conventional media muckrake strategies as we customize the page designs with cutting edge applications and employ as many technologies as necessary to increase the value of your social media. Campaigns capricious center on efforts to post unique content that will attract attention and encourage readers to share it virally.

With active community in places - incitement campaigns can turn online clicks into customers completed your doors. Our results regularly outpace that of our competitors, catapulting your brand ahead of your own competition.

Unlike our competitors who may use shortcuts and inflated fan counts, BuzzMeter's strategy is to grow a real and organic admirer base. This dedication to real prosperity gives our plans a forward thinking direct with longevity in mind.

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