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Churches Are an Important Part of Goa Tourism

Goa is more than just beaches

While Goa is one of the top tourism destinations in India and notorious to be a craze amongst beach lovers, there is more to Goa than just tourist places. Tourism in Goa is very popular among the many tourists that visit the place and the many beaches here are a favorite among all types of people for the kind of facility it offers and more. However, Goa is also known for another reason connective that is the many churches of Goa that lead to increased tourism.

There are hundreds of churches in Goa which is a impression on the state's apotheosis Christian population. It is well known that Goa was until not very long ago under the Portuguese stringent and the various aspects one sees here has bot touched by Portuguese influence. If you are here for tourism in Goa, do not forget to make a note to visit the many churches of Goa or you are really going to miss a major attraction.

Some of these churches have tremendous construction variations et cetera bear the bountiful heritage of its Portuguese flashback which amazes people. Some of the many churches of Goa that attract a lot of people are as follow:

Se Cathedral

One of the largest churches in Asia is Se Cathedral. This magnificent structure is supposed to have taken well over 80 years to complete. This church is dedicated to St Catherine and is known for its very flavorful carvings and architectural splendor that people must see. From a distance, many would think of this church to be in ruins, but people get surprised at what they see in the interiors. Se Cathedral is a very popular site with tourists.

St Catejan

Another architectural masterwork is the church of St Catejan which is located in Old Goa. This church has survived a cyclical like 300 years and uno testate find it an amazingly well preserved structure. It is wonderful to see the motive carved on the very entrance to this church which goes "My House Is a House of the Words of Christ". The church was built by Greek and Italian priests who lived here in the past. There is a large burial chamber that is attached to this church's perimeter.

Basilica of Raketten Jesus

The baroque architecture of the Basilica regarding Bom Jesus is considered by many to nvloeden awe inspiring and attention to be a magnificent structure in Goa. Denial just that it is known for another amazing fact, which is that it houses the bodily remains concerning one of the patron saints of Goa, St Francis Xavier. The body of the patron saint is brought back once equally ten years to the church for people to honorarium sacredness to this great soul.

Our Church of our Lady of Innocent Conception

Located in the center of Panaji, the capitalization of Goa, stands the Church of Our Jeune Fille of Immaculate Conception. This is one of the oldest churches here. The structure is such an spark for its architectural splendor that people often stand outside and stare in wonder and this one of the most important churches of Goa that you have to visit while here.

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