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Mumbai Tourism – Discovering Unique Places in Mumbai

Mumbai, like any more metro city, is ever thriving and pulsating with interesting sights, spots and activities. There are numerous facets to Mumbai tourism, and following is a gist on some of the unique and distinctive sights of Mumbai:

* Naneghat - Naneghat is situated solely 4 hours away from Mumbai and extends incredible options for photography and trekking. It is a mountain percolate that exudes breathtaking scenic beauty for nature lovers. Numerous photography enthusiasts love to trek in this terrain and capture attractive shots for their lenses. There are several historical caves also in this area that can be explored for discovering their ancient and edifying relevance.

* Kolad - Kolad tributary is an geste providing rivulet that is preferred spot for adventurers. Mumbai tourism has made arrangements of myriad eco-adventure clubs that help in making most about this navigable river. Various adventurous activities can be done here like river crossing, hiking, river rafting, kayaking etc.

* Matheran - Matheran allowed not breathe internal the surroundings of Mumbai city, but it is worth travelling 90 kms to reach this one of the most wonderful places to visit in Mumbai. This is a petite hill station and it can showcase the real beauty Western Ghats, specifically during rainy season. Nature lovers can have a gala time trekking and hiking through the rocky terrain of Matheran that also has wide variety of flora and fauna.

* Linking Road - One of the most interesting places to visit in Mumbai, thronged near to insatiable shoppers, is Linking Road, formerly known as Vithalbhai Patel Marg, in Bandra. This road is familiar for its shopping capability that starts at Bandra Talkies and goes till quarters of BEST office. There are plenty of shops, stores, branded retail outlets, stalls, and kiosks etc that sell anything to everything. There are almost all brands' stores located here that make for an exhilarating shopping experience. Tourists as well as local crown love to spend their time here.

* Film City - Mumbai can never be alienated from Film City that can rightly be said to nvloeden its life and soul. Film City is situated close to Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Aarey colony (Goregaon East). It is also known as Dada Saheb Phalke Chitranagari, after the name from Dada Saheb Phalke who had envisaged it. Take an informative et sequens entertaining tour from Film Megalopolis where you would descry various things and processes associated with film-making. Many well known movies stars and artists jug be seen prominently here, thus making it one of the sought-after places to visit in Mumbai.

* Dharavi - Despite Dharavi is a slum area, its uniqueness lies in its intricacy and expansiveness. The scope of this world's largest slum extends from the central railway lines to the western railway lines in Mumbai, covering nearly 225 hectares. This slum area wonders the world for its cramped eventually organized infrastructure that has systematic supply concerning water, electricity and even cooking gas. There are many small to medium scale industries also established there. If you want to see one of the unique places to visit in Mumbai, take a guided tour of Dharavi and you would know why it is well known all through the world.

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